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"Truth is eternal, and to find it means you also become part of eternity." OSHO

Ten Commandments of Cooperation:


  • Trust
    • Trust is the basis of our cooperation.  It begins with my trust in you and your potential. It continues with your trust in yourself, in me and my ability to support you on your path of living your full potential.  


  • Presence
    • It is only in presence that we can live fully. It is only in presence that our energy is truly ours and it can follow our attention for our and common good. It is only here and now that we can truly meet.


  • Uniqueness
    • You and me: we are each unique. We have our unique place on Earth with our unique missions. Our common path will be that of discovering your own uniqueness.


  • Love
    • Everything is possible in the atmosphere of love. Pain, fear and needless protections dissolve in the atmosphere of love. It is in the atmosphere of love that we will cooperate.
  • Acceptance
    • When we accept things as they are, we feel relieved. When we accept ourselves as we are, we sense relaxation. With acceptance, we are saying YES to ourselves and to life.


  • Relaxation
    • Relaxation will spread through our joint action. Relaxation into the present moment, your uniqueness, your true self. Our joint action will be without effort.
  • Joy
    • Joy is the guide of true living. It is the guide of living in harmony with yourself, with others, nature, and all that exists. Joy will accompany our mutual cooperation.
  • Awareness
    • It is in the state of awareness that we can have a bird’s eye view and understand the wider context. It is in the state of awareness that we can see through the games of others as well as our own. Together we will be dissolving the haze inside as well as around us.
  • Creativity
    • Creativity is the manifestation of our uniqueness. It arises in the atmosphere of relaxation, love and joy. It is a manifestation of a relaxed, loving and joyful being. Together we can unleash you unique manifestation


  • Unity
    • Unity multiplies all uniqueness. It multiplies the uniqueness of you and me, of the Sun, and of a stone. We are all mutually connected parts of a whole from which we can draw energy and inspiration.