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"Truth is eternal, and to find it means you also become part of eternity." OSHO

Messages for 2012


30.4.2012 - How to Become an Avatar?

Most of you have surely seen Cameron’s film Avatar. But do you know what the word Avatar really means? Wikipedia says it comes from Hinduism, meaning “a descent of the Supreme Being”. It also says that Buddha was one of such descents. As far as I am concerned, I see Avatar more as a human representative of God on Earth…
My standing stems from experiences I gained during several shamanic rituals of last months. It was there, where my notifications of past intertwined together with new ones and together they created a whole. In my opinion, everybody can become an Avatar in the moment he or she becomes whole and understands his/her interconnection with all remaining world, be it material or non-material. They become so, when they heal themselves to totality; interconnect with other people, animals and plants; and when they interconnect with matter as well as the Spirit. When they feel and experience this totality and unity both inside and outside and start living it on Earth. But what is exactly behind it? And how can one go for it?

In Harmony with Myself
We are all shattered into many pieces. Some of our parts dominate and rule our lives; some are hidden, live in fear and passivity. And then there are many parts, which are something in between. This being shattered into pieces can come into being in many ways, i.e. during traumatizing events we experienced; when adapting and deforming our true-selves during childhood in order not to lose the love and care of parents we needed to survive; or when adapting our uniqueness to the demands of society; and in many other ways. It is actually not so important how these different parts came into being. What is more important is the fact that they exist. And we cannot live fully and in harmony with ourselves, unless we get to know these parts, cure them and unite them all. Until then, it will always be that one part wants something the other one does not. And another part wants something else. Until then, all our problems that stem from it – tensions, fears, non-decisiveness, emotional ups and down, sickness, etc. - will continue.
There are many possibilities of how to get to know one-self and become whole. It can be through meditations, various sensing-feeling individual or group events or therapies. However, there is one common factor that underlies them all – the courage to see the truth and allowing oneself to be better off. When these are present, the path is free and discovering, relieving, healing and uniting can come, together with heightening of the quality of life and of experiencing it.

In Harmony with Others
Healing oneself and becoming whole is only one of all dimensions of totality. We do not live alone in this world. It is true, that when becoming whole, we discover our true self and our uniqueness and doing so, we discover also our mission on Earth. Our mission is that, which fulfills not only us, it is also our connection to others. When we do something with love and joy, we spread the benefit of it all around together with love and joy.
We are all small mirrors according to one Indian tradition. We are small mirrors that were created by one big original mirror breaking down. Hence the Indian greeting “Inlakesh” meaning “I am you” and the reply “Alaken” meaning “You are me”. You may wonder now - how could a homeless or a killer be me? Or how can someone, who treats me bad or hurts me, be me? Believe me, they are also you. If you don’t mind them, you don’t have problem accepting this. If you do mind them, then they are your great teachers. According to the Law of Reflection (i.e. behavior of one towards me reflects me myself), what you mind about them, reflects/mirrors to you some part of yourself. The homeless reflects for example that some part of you also feels helpless, wounded and immature. The killer can reflect to you the fact that some part of you also feels injustice and anger that it needs to ventilate. The one who wants to do you wrong can again reflect you that there is also some part of you that wants to do wrong to him or somebody else. The one who hurts you can reflect to you again that some part of you hurts him or others. If we manage to realize that everyone who comes to our life is our great teacher (and we are theirs) on the path towards our totality and experiencing it in the outer world, then our mirror can start connecting with other mirrors creating bigge, original, integrated mirror. It is then that we can understand and tolerate not only our parents (and draw from them and give back fully) their love and support, but we can also draw and give back love and support of the whole tribe, nation and mankind.

In Harmony with Nature both Living and Inanimate
It is not only people who are part of our surroundings. It is Nature, both living and inanimate, that is an inseparable part of it. We know her well in the sense that we take from her. But this is not a balanced relationship. Where is our giving? Where is our giving back to her? The imbalance of our relationship with Nature is so obvious; we nevertheless take so much advantage of it. She cannot protect herself as quickly as a man, she doesn’t talk, she will not cry out of pain, she will not immediately say NO. But mankind – as a whole – has not realized this imbalance yet. It is still entangled in its ego games and power struggles. It still does not grasp the wide context. But this doesn’t mean that individuals don’t or cannot grasp it, that you don’t or cannot realize this. We can give back to Nature in many ways, be it thanks to Mother Earth for each meal, for the gifts of hers or be it any positive contact with her – petting an animal, greeting a tree with your eyes, appreciating beauty of a flower. It doesn’t only have to be just the major actions, such as ecological donations or planting trees… On the other hand, if we lived in full harmony with Nature… What would you say?!?
Maybe you have already experienced sensations of being in harmony with yourself and all. Such sensations often arrive particularly in Nature. She is so powerful. This power of hers is much vaster, it is not only limited to what we draw from her. When you tune into her, when the flow is not just one-way and only limited to unconscious taking, then you can experience a totally different quality of relationship with her. The food tastes hundred times better and even the stone on the road is beautiful. And everything has the same significance and importance, both big majestic tree as well as a tiny leaf on an aging bush. And so do - a computer, a high-way section or a bank building. They have also their place here, their role. We should honor and feel gratitude for their service. They also have their place on this planet and in our lives.

In Harmony with the Spirit
Harmony with the Spirit (God/Source/Existence/Universe, however you may call it) is a natural outcome of our personal totality and of being aware of our interconnection with everything around us, including him. However, one does not have to wait until he or she becomes total and manages to connect with others and Nature to be able to have this connection with him. Sometimes it can actually happen completely vice versa – connection with the Spirit takes place first and the beauty and the support of it spreads to other plains afterwards, helping us to heal and connect with others. And how can one connect with him? The path towards him leads through humbleness. Humbleness is the bridge, the direct telephone line. It is the humbleness and realizing that there are things much bigger than we are – not only the Spirit, but also Life and Death and many others. When we let go of control and open up to trust, then we not only know our place in the whole but we also have the possibility to draw its full support.
Once we manage to realize all this and start living this personal and mutual totality and interconnection on Earth, we become an Avatar. We discover the God in ourselves and become the human representative of God on Earth.

Good luck to you, dear Avatar, on your unique journey.

With love,


Note: The text is free to distribute while stating as the source.

26.2.2012 - He Who Is Without Sin?

Some of the least pleasant feelings we ever feel are feelings of guilt. We all know them, we know them well. Sometimes we feel guilty for not having done anything or for not having done it well enough. At other times we feel guilty that we have done something or for the way we have done it. There can be many different feelings of guilt but they all have a negative effect on us. This is why we should work with them, transform them.

The first thing we can do about it is to stop blaming ourselves for things WE HAVEN’T DONE. One of the highest laws – The Law of Free Will – gives everybody the right to make free decision in every moment. So if we for example don’t feel like satisfying someone, we have the full right to say NO. Similarly, if we hesitate, we have the right to say we need time to make a decision or that we are not sure and therefore rather say NO. We are responsible for our decision, of course, but we need not let others manipulate us or even force us into things.

A different thing is, if we feel guilty for NOT HAVING DONE SOMETHING WELL ENOUG. Who says we haven’t done it well enough? Is it a male voice or a female voice? Isn’t it by any chance voice of one of our parents? Or the moralizing voice of the society that wants us to behave only in some specific ways so that it can manipulate us more easily? It is not necessary to feel guilty either in this case, if we don’t limit free will of anybody. The thing is - we always act the best way we can in each moment! Neither in a better nor worse way than we can, that’s important to realize! And the fact that I will have more information or experience in the future and will do things differently, is another thing. I don’t have to punish myself for not having known more then. Then was then and NOW IS NOW!

Again, something different is to feel guilty for what WE HAVE DONE or HOW WE HAVE DONE IT. In this case we already actively act and the question is, whether the acting is constructive or destructive. Since one of the worse things we can do (and feel rightly guilty for it) is when we RESTRICT THE FREE WILL OF THE OTHER ONE. This means that I restrict his right to make a free decision. Be it by manipulating him/her into some decision or even by forcing them, but also by helping them without letting them decide whether they want to accept my help or not. We all have only access to limited amount of information and we cannot know, whether our help will be beneficial to them or whether it were better for them to go through some experience and grow on the basis of it.

Amongst all the feelings of guilt, the most important ones are the ones when we RESTRICT THE FREE WILL OF THE OTHER ONE. Be it with good or bad intentions, doing so, I do bad to both the other one and myself. Doing so, I foul my karma and carry on the consequences across the times and dimensions.

May your feelings of guilt be needless ones or the “true” well-deserved ones, WHEN THEY ARE HERE, THEY ARE HERE. By becoming aware, we can distinguish which are needless as well as avoid the true ones in the future, however doing so, not all feelings disappear. It is FORGIVENESS that is the key to transformation of these feelings. Forgiving ourselves will help us transform feelings of guilt into a new space we can fill in by something new, more in line with our true selves. Forgiving others helps us in turn to break free from persisting relationships that influence us negatively by the remaining anger relation (although they do not have to exist on physical level anymore).

I am happy to share with you below Metatron’s Afirmation of Forgiveness. If you read it daily for the period of at least one month, it will help you forgive yourselves and others as well as transform feelings of guilt into the creation of more space for yourself and CREATION OF YOUR OWN LIFE.

Watch your physical sensations and feelings while reading. You may find out that you start feeling relieved, that you breath more easily or feel more joyous. Remember the change, it is the result of the transformation. And thank yourself for having allowed yourself that the change happens and for HAVING CREATED IT as the true CREATORS OF YOUR LIFE!

”I call the energies of archangel Metatron to help me fully recognize the DIVINE BEING THAT I AM.

I forgive absolutely and unconditionally all beings, by which I felt that they caused me injustice through any thoughts, words or acts, through all times, places, spaces and dimensions of my existence as awareness. Each being that felt unjustly treated through me by thought, word or act, through all times, places, spaces and dimensions, forgive me just the same way absolutely and unconditionally.

I forgive myself absolutely and unconditionally for having carried out any thought, word or act, by which I felt that they are unjust in all times, places, spaces or dimensions, in which I exist.

I call upon the energies of archangel Metatron to help me during transformation of all low energies of guilt and shame from the inside of the totality of my being in all times, places, spaces or dimension that I exist. I AM the still expanding energy of divine love and perfection in this present moment and forever. It is so and so it is. I am in unity with mother-father-god and All-There-Is, in all times, places, spaces or dimensions, in which I exist.”

S láskou,


Pozn. Text je volně šiřitelný s uvedením jako zdroje.

31.1.2012 - Are you 'The Child of Fortune'?

We are born naked, pure and free. It is particularly the way our parents bring us up, the way we are formed by the education system and the society that make of us people full of fear, pain and misery. It is particularly these that make of us people split into several parts, deformed human beings with egos.

How do they do this? Parents do this for example by having a specific idea of whom we should be, into which they try to fit us, without being aware of the uniqueness of our child's soul and respecting it. The education system does it for example by not giving enough space of individual's creativity; it rather orders him/her top down about quantity of data they should memorize. The society does it for example by supporting primarily competition and worshipping The Best One. Doing so, it deforms everyone's awareness of self-value, supports comparing with others and suppresses the possibility to realize that we all act the best way we are able to at the particular moment (neither in a better nor worse way). And there are (unfortunately) many more examples available.

Is there any possibility to do anything about it? Do we have a choice? Yes, the possibility of choice is always there! Either we remain in the state of a victim, breathing the whole life only halfway or we decide to take our life into our own hands and start setting ourselves free. We start taking off the masks, one by one, looking inside ourselves and searching for which of what I find there is truly mine and which of it is the part, the net woven of patterns, beliefs and traumas.

At times, it can be quite an unpleasant process. We find out that we are actually a different person than we thought we were. But at the same time, it is a joyful process. While taking off the various loads, we gradually feel relieved and talents and gifts stem to the surface, those we often have no idea they exist.

Which of the paths is yours?

The path of the victim is the calmer and more certain one. It is not a  journey into the unknown where we can surprise ourselves and the others too. The path of the creator is more adventurous, it requires courage to leave the known well-trodden track. However, at its end you can find an undivided, wise human being who is aware of his/her gifts and talents, who fully realizes his/her potential and does so for the benefit of and with respect of both themselves and their surroundings. It is The Existence that supports them in doing so, one could therefore say they are the “Children of the Fortune”.

Try to intentionally watch yourself in tense situations in the weeks coming. It is most visible in these. When are you whom? Does the situation, the problem get you? Or are you able to make “a step aside” in the situation, take a moment for self-reflection and then take a calm, responsible action? The former is the position of a victim, the latter that of a creator. Maybe you will be surprised by what you learn.


With love,



p.s. Important note: I still want to mention one position – that of a tyrant. Tyrant is also – similarly as the victim – in ego and imprisoned in deformations caused by the family, education system and the society. Only they are in the opposite extremes. Tyrants invoke tense situations themselves, feeding thus the system of making victims from the others. In a way, they are also creators, but destructive ones. They are not aware of the impact their doing has on the surroundings, they take note primarily of their own benefit. I secretly hope such people do not visit my web-site, therefore I only post it as a p.s. However, it won’t be irrelevant, if you include tyrant into your observations too :).

31.12.2011 -  Connect with Your Heart!

There is a demanding year ahead of us. It is a year that will bring more natural disasters, political turnarounds, economic revelations and more tension. Outer tension will be reflecting inner tension. It will still be our egos that will try to defend their grounds, their unbalanced position. Nevertheless, outer developments and tension of the others will precisely mirror our inner state and they will shake all that is old, non-functioning, all that is to be dissolved.

It is important to connect with our hearts in these moments. Our heart will help us understand the upcoming tremors, accept their message and integrate it in our lives. As it is always so, that when we mind something regarding the others, the society or system, this mirrors our own problem. Either it is us, who has the same problem we mind on the others or we have too little of what the other one has too much. Neither of these states is in balance, we have either surplus of something or deficit, we are not in balance. There is no third possibility. And the outer world only mirrors this to us.

In these moments, our heart can give us not only the strength necessary to accept the tremors, understand and integrate them, it will also enable us to connect with our own light and inner beauty, which we all have too. We are all buddhas, we are all enlightened deeply inside. It is necessary to recall this, connect with the inner beauty and spread it throughout the body, emotions and awareness. And our heart, as an organ with great transformation abilities, can be a great assistant in this process.

All we need to do is five simple steps. In case something will trouble you, when you will be making decisions or whenever you remember:

  • Place. Find the best place there is for you in the area you are right now. The place that attracts you the most even if you do not know why. Move to this place.
  • Position. In this place, let your body find the its most pleasant position. Maybe, it will not be of the most elegant ones, this does not matter. What is more important - it should be the most pleasant position your body can be in here and now.
  • Rhythm. Let your body also find its natural rhythm. Our body always has one. May it be tapping your fingers, moving your legs or “just” breathing. Connect consciously with this rhythm and give it space to unfold.
  • Heart. Connect with your heart. How to do it? Any way that comes to you is the right one. It may be enough to focus your attention in the heart area or place your hand there. Let your intuition guide you.
  • Action. Act. Acting maybe for example trying to deal with or transforming your troubles. What does your heart say that is behind your suffering? What does the situation mirror to you? What lesson is there for you in it? When you listen carefully, the answer will come. It will come either in the form of a thought, picture, feeling or voice, as if you directly heard it.

You can do this connecting with your heart also while making decisions. Having connected with your heart, try to imagine that you decide to go for your variant A – how do you feel when you do so? What perception, what information comes to you? What comes as regards the variant B? Try it, you will experience the difference.

Acting can be any activity coming from the connection with your heart. If you connect with your heart well, the activity coming out of it will always be beneficial for you as well as your surroundings. It will not come out of ego and it will be ecological regarding the surroundings.

Acting can also comprise of sleeping as even sleeping can be the best thing you can “do” at a specific moment.
Throughout the time, you will find out that the activities coming from your heart and its decisions do not require any effort, even though these can be pretty active :) There is a big difference when we do things because we have to, because our ego wants it or because we feel it from deep inside. There is a big difference, when I do things with effort and when I do something because it is the best thing I can do for myself and the others now.

Connect with your heart in 2012 as often as possible. It will guide you through its waves with love, peace and understanding. Thanks to it, you will see what is there for you behind all the developments. It will help your light to spread. It will help you to connect with the buddha inside of you.


                                                                      With love,



Note: The text above is free for distribution as long a the address of this web-site is stated as the source together with it.