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"Truth is eternal, and to find it means you also become part of eternity." OSHO

I am happy to share my sources of inspiration with you below. I am thankful for their existence, for them being as they are and for having encountered them on my Path.



Other Sources of Inspiration

Where You Can Meet Me

When You Inspire





Osho is an enlightened Indian mystic of the 20th century. He is the one that opens my eyes, my ears and my heart. Osho is a wonderful guide on my Path and the one who supports me in being in tune with the Existence and uncompromisingly mirrors being in discord with it. I am grateful to Osho for my development towards love and compassion. You can learn more about him and his message at


Bhagat is a direct disciple of Osho and an experienced therapist having had both an Eastern and Western therapeutic education. He is my spiritual father, a truthful and kind person who has helped untangle my net of traumas, blocks and beliefs. I am thankful to Bhagat for enabling me to discover the space inside of me where I am beneficial to both myself and to others. You can learn more about him at


Sagarpriya is a direct disciple of Osho and an experienced therapist who has had an Eastern and Western therapeutic education. She is my spiritual mother, a clairvoyant being and a mirror. In this mirror, I can see both my personality and my true self as they really are. I am thankful to Sagarpriya for knowing where I am now, where I am heading and what development is awaiting me. You can learn more about her at

I would also like to thank two friends of mine - Lucie Slukova for her insights, wonderful presence and support on my Path and Kveta Kolouchova for her inspiration and support from the very beginning.


Other Sources of Inspiration:



Nature is a wonderful source of relaxation and recharging. It can soothe the soul. It joyfully accepts our gratitude. It works this way and is beautiful in all of its forms. The joys of Nature may be felt when taking walks in Nature or living amidst it. Its joys may also be felt through something as simple as a house plant or when looking out the window at a tree in front of your house.


As to a former athlete that used to compete in two sports, movement is important to me. However, my focus has completely shifted. I like to move the most now not in order to perform but rather for the joy of movement itself (e.g. 5 Rhythm dance or windsurfing - you can read more below), or rather when there is some specific meaning to the movement (e.g. during active meditations, while commuting from one place to another, when painting a room, etc.).


As a poweful enchantress, music touches our body, emotions and soul. Music has the capacity to soothe us, cure us, recharge and activate us. My most favorite is that by Devakant. My most favorite album of his is "Inside ... is forever". I must say that all his music is marvelous. You can hear excerpts or order his music online at


Meditation creates a wonderful space inside of us where we can breathe deeply and discover our true selves. My very favorite meditations are Osho active meditations (be it healing Nadabrahma, cheerful Kundalini or deep Mandala). All are available at the bookstore at U Dzoudyho in Prague or in their e-shop. I also like to bathe in light meditations of Sanaya Roman, which are available at


Through the magic of books, we can also learn and develop by bringing issues into awareness. When reading, our mind can be there to support our awareness. I believe it can also be useful and pleasant to sometimes read something 'lighter'. As far as the deep is concerned, I recommend anything by Osho (e.g. Love, Freedom and Aloneness) and anything by Anthony de Mello (particularly “Awareness”). As far as the 'lighter' but no less valuable is concerned, I recommend anything by Hermann Hesse (e.g. Siddhartha) or Richard Bach (e.g. Jonathan Livingston Seagull). You may find them all at the bookstore at U Dzoudyho.


Where You Can Meet Me:


Osho Shangrila

Osho Shangrila is a meditation and development center and my second home. It is the place where I was spiritually born and grew up. It is a beautiful place, where you can discover your own inner harmony with other similarly attuned people. All of this in beautiful nature and lovely surroundings. You may read more at


Maitrea is a House of Personal Development - a pleasant place where you can have a taste of various development schools and meet other lecturers and therapist at evening lectures. More at

Bookstore U Džoudyho

The bookstore at U Dzoudyho is a feelgood place where you can find a lot of wonderful literature for your personal growth, healing as well as relaxing music, tea, tinctures, cards and precious stones. It is also an excellent source for 'development' presents for your loved ones. And it feels good to work, share or relax by reading in their tea room with wi-fi. More at

Tea Room Jedna Báseň

The Tea Room Jedna Basen is my favorite place to stop. I like to stop there in time and space, whether I am just with myself or in pleasant company. I highly recommend their masala - it is one of the best in town! :) More at

Lehká Hlava

Lehka Hlava is my favorite place to eat. There is a nice ambience there (they painted the nigh sky on the ceiling  in of one of the rooms :) and the food is prepared with love and care. They prove that even vegetarian food can please not only the taste buds but also the eyes. More at

5 Rhythms Dance

Have you ever experienced your body doing anything it wants without you influencing or controlling it? Have you ever experienced how your joy increases towards ecstasy with the freedom of movement? If not, you may try 5 Rhythms dance. If so, try 5 Rhythms dance, you may experience ecstasy during one session many, many times! More at

Lago di Garda

Lago di Garda is the place of my heart. I like to go there so much maybe because I am able to experience the harmony of all the elements there. There is harmony of the fire in the Sun, water in Lago, air enhanced by marvelous surfer wind and earth in the shape of surrounding mountains, the bottom part of the Alps. If you ever go there, try windsurfing. You will surely enjoy the freedom it brings amidst all the local elements. More at

Transfusion Department of Vinohrady Hospital

I have not much to add. The staff is very nice and accommodating there. There is joy from the importance of their work and their gratitude for you coming that radiates from them. More at


When You Inspire:

We are all unique and yet interconnected in our uniqueness. We can all inspire and be inspired. I am preparing this section with thanks and love to you.