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"Truth is eternal, and to find it means you also become part of eternity." OSHO

My work stems from true being. In this environment, the parts of our personality that are still burdened by ego, blocks, traumas or various patterns and beliefs can relax into their true self in the atmosphere of presence and love. The basis of my work with you lies in finding out, which of your parts are already their true selves and subsequently in working with them so that their true nature deepens and spreads onto other parts.

The aim of my work is to be your guide on the path towards a free and independent existence, where you are creating your own life with love and joy.  

Areas of Support

Ways of Cooperation

Used Techniques


I can particularly support you in the following areas:


Developing Your Potential

We often live only a fragment of our potential. We often search resources and support outside and totally forget that it is inside, within an arm's reach, that we have all we need to solve our problems and further develop ourselves. It is inside us that all the treasures are hidden. It is the place of all our inner resources and qualities. They are at our disposal here and now. However we aren't often in contact with them or we totally forget them. Together we will discover these resources, strengthen them and connect them with your particular problems thus enabling their solution.

Family Relations and Partnership Problems

Those we love the most are the greatest teachers of our life. Whether consciously or sub-consciously they mirror our weaknesses through their own weaknesses, whether consciously or sub-consciously they draw our attention to where we are not (either us or them) in balance. However, we often do not see this as our vision is veiled by pain caused by a lack of love from loved ones (or others related) and the burdens that we have adopted from them. Together we will look at the dynamic of your relationships and bring light into the non-functioning ones so that those relationships can slowly begin a healthier and functial phase based on mutual respect of free and independent beings.

Finding Your Inner Peace

We live in the age of speed. There are increasingly more stimuli around us and the amount of development and awareness takes place now in multiple times shorter period than before. It is difficult to get in contact with our true selves in such surroundings. Together we will work on setting all information loads and adopted energies aside as well as on dissolving worries and fears so that you can reach yourself again and increase creativity in your life.

Spiritual Growth

Each of us has a mystic dimension of some kind. It may be connected with the mystery around Christmas when we were still small or the glimpse of feeling that all is interconnected that we may have experienced somewhere in the nature once. We all sense, or at least hint, that there is something bigger around us, something that surpasses us, from where we can draw strength and inspiration. In case you are interested and ready for it, I can lead you on the path towards connecting with your higher self, your spiritual teacher or the Existence.


Ways of Cooperation


Individual Sessions

At the moment, I focus on working with individuals. This type of sessions enables me to meet your uniqueness with more depth enabling me to customize make the sessions for you. 

The initial session lasts 90 - 120 minutes. Together we identify your issue and carry out its basic release. Depending on your specific situation, we arrange another 1 - 3 sessions. In case of arranging only one more session, we do so in the next 3-4 months. In case of need for more following sessions we arrange them withing the span of 3 weeks.

Group Sessions

I am currently organizing for you regular meditation evenings and family constellation groups for autumn 2012.


Used Techniques


NLP (Neurolingual Programming) and Hypnosis

The Neurolingual Programming approach stems from the fact that we already have all we need to solve our problems, i.e. all the necessary resources and qualities. They are already inside of us. It is just that we are not in contact with them. This method offers a wide range of techniques that enable the client to get into contact with his or her resources and to strengthen  and anchor them in their lives. NLP techniques respect the uniqueness of each client and they can modify accordingly.

Some NLP techniques take place in hypnosis. The state of hypnosis offers the client the possibility of deep relaxation and connection with his/her unconsciousness, which is the source of many solutions of client's situation, including the currently most convenient one for him. Hypnosis is often wrongly perceived as a means of manipulation. Clinical tests have shown that it is neither possible for the therapist to make the client believe anything the client doesn't want nor is it possible to take away anything from the client that he or she does not want lose. It was proven that hypnosis enables the client's unconsciousness itself to generate the optimal solution for them.


Systemic Constellations

Systemic constellations offer us insight into a system and its dynamic through connection with the universal consciousness, whether the system comprises of original family, our family, work team or health and school system. Systemic constellations enable us to identify parts that are missing or that have been excluded from the system and what effect their exclusion has created. These Constellations enable us to recognize disturbed hierarchy in the system as well as roles unhealthily handed or taken over among individual parts. Besides finding out what is missing with regards to the balance of the system, they also offer a way to reinstate balance in the system again.

Shamballa 1024

Shamballa 1024 is a healing and transformative energy. It has been available to us only since 2003 and the amount of it that affects us is increasingly rising. Shamballa 1024 is an intelligent energy that helps us - in case we are ready for it - to go through cleansing, get rid of all that does not work and establish balance in any of the spheres, may it be relationships, work or ourselves.


Reiki is a healing energy that is at the disposal of everybody who has been initiated into its use. It is particularly effective with our physical body but it can also bring calmness to our emotions. By replenishing missing energy, Reiki accelerates healing processes, shortens the period of recovery and helps establish emotional balance thus increasing the quality of life.


Tarot offers us insight into any current situation, be it a relationship, work or personal development issue. As an oracle connected with our energy, it clarifies what is behind the current developments and/or where the path leads forward. I work with Osho zen tarot and use angel cards as a supporting mechanism.


To lead us inside of us is that what is common to all meditation techniques. Going inside helps us find our peace there and connect with our resources and our true self. Meditation creates space for all our perceptions - physical, emotional, mental - for them to be acknowledged, accepted and pass through, creating space for silence and  connection with ourselves. I particularly enjoy Osho's dynamic meditations and light meditations of Sanaya Roman as a supporting mechanism.